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Spende Salomons Weg

22.12.2023 Christmas Joy of Giving: Doing Good Together

In the festive season of the year, when giving takes on special significance, we have once again chosen to make a sustainable contribution. Instead of traditional gifts, we have decided to donate during the Christmas season, bringing warmth and assistance to where it is urgently needed.

Bewohner Maria Frieden Pflegezentrum Rolaltorübergabe

08.11.2023 Care Center receives rollator donation

We donated ten rollators to the Maria Frieden Care Center, a part of the Caritas Association Mannheim e.V. This donation enables the care center to respond more promptly to acute needs. Since these rollators are used both indoors and outdoors, we've provided them with additional accessories. This ensures that residents can maintain mobility not only within the nursing home but also during long walks in snowy and rainy weather.

Devilbiss 135 Jahre Geschichte

06.11.2023 135 years of DeVilbiss nebulizer - from a simple medication nebulizer to the world's leading specialist in respiratory therapy

Once upon a time, 135 years ago in a distant foreign land, a humble country doctor changed the face of the medical world forever with what seemed like a small invention. What initially sounds like a fairy tale is, in fact, a crucial cornerstone of our DeVilbiss brand.

Deep within the intricate paths of our history, during a time when circumstances were different, and medicine was far more rudimentary, a new form of therapy emerged, greatly benefiting countless individuals suffering from respiratory diseases.

13.10.2023 Fit and active: discover new horizons with walkers

We love stories - and the one about Ilona Traupe and her gymnastics group at SC Hainberg in Göttingen is particularly nice. Learn how five of our Cristallo rollators have improved the quality of life and freedom of movement for this dedicated community. We are very pleased to see how a donation from us encourages people with limited mobility to overcome their limitations and inhibitions and continue to stay active.

NEW: Lightweight Rollator Torro Acero

06.06.2023 Rollator: Our Torro is expanding

Our lightweight rollator Torro is getting a 'little' brother with the Torro Acero. The new rollator makes it easy to join the Torro family. The standard rollator, including accessories, weighs just 8.1 kg. However, it can support a weight of up to 150 kg and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – with a mesh pocket, removable and padded back strap, and a large, soft seat.

Titelbild New Oxygen Concentrator 1060W

24.05.2023 Drive DeVilbiss announce new oxygen concentrator 1060AW

At Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, we believe that a resilient healthcare infrastructure must include the availability of oxygen in every health facility. COVID-19 starkly highlighted the gap in access to medical oxygen across all countries, but especially in the Global South. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is pleased to launch a new, energy efficient 10 litre oxygen concentrator. For the first time ever, an oxygen device is being designed centering the needs of these unique whilst challenging environments.

Frau und Mann im Rollstuhl

22.05.2023 Traveling with a Disability - Tips for a Carefree Vacation

Being on the go, exploring the world - what is taken for granted by some requires a lot of preparation and careful planning for people with physical disabilities. Fortunately, there are medical aids specifically designed for those who love to be mobile and on the move. However, it's important to know what to look out for and what precautions to take. Find out more in our tips for a carefree vacation.

19.04.2023 Electric wheelchairs: Benefits for your mobility

Practical, electric, and offering unlimited mobility: electric wheelchairs are one of the most important innovations in the field of mobility for people with physical disabilities, and are now also represented in the portfolio of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. We have summarized everything you need to know about the electric wheelchair segment. Learn more about the benefits, features, and differences from other mobility aids, and find out what factors to consider when choosing the right power wheelchair.

Lack of exercise: Fatal consequences for body, mind, and soul

17.02.2023 Lack of exercise: Fatal consequences for body, mind, and soul

Evil gossip has it that sitting is the new smoking of our civilization. In fact, recent scientific research confirms that sedentary lifestyle can contribute to the development of a wide range of diseases - from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression.

But what to do if mobility decreases with increasing age or due to limitations?

strengthen your immune system

28.01.2023 Fit through the cold season: How to strengthen your immune system

Runny nose, coughing, hoarseness - who doesn't know it?! While some actually never catch a cold, there are people who get it several times a year. The cause is usually a weak immune system. But how can we best strengthen our defenses? Our tips explain why movement plays a major role and how valuable a rollator can be for people with walking disabilities.