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strengthen your immune system

28.01.2023 Fit through the cold season: How to strengthen your immune system

Runny nose, coughing, hoarseness - who doesn't know it?! While some actually never catch a cold, there are people who get it several times a year. The cause is usually a weak immune system. But how can we best strengthen our defenses? Our tips explain why movement plays a major role and how valuable a rollator can be for people with walking disabilities.

effective help with colds

19.01.2023 Inhalation: effective help with colds

This winter has it all. Anyone who has been able to get through the past few weeks without coughing, a runny nose or hoarseness is an exception. Many of us have already been sick. Some even more than once and partially more seriously than in years. Anyone who is currently struggling with an infection of the respiratory tract should try inhaling.

30.12.2022 200 cable locks for kids

This year we also wanted to support a good cause with a donation in kind. We believe that cycling training for the weakest road users is extremely useful. Because through our customers we know how many children are seriously injured in road traffic and are then dependent on our aids. To prevent serious accidents here, it is important that children are made familiar with the traffic rules at a very early age.

09.12.2022 Donations instead of gifts

This year we have decided again to support charitable organizations with a donation instead of buying Christmas presents. Especially during these troubled times, many associations are particularly dependent on our help. Above all, the smallest of our society need our special protection.

27.11.2022 Why nobody has to be ashamed of a rollator

A rollator is the door to freedom. Those who are restricted in their mobility very often withdraw from everyday life. Aids offer a valuable bridge to get people with disabilities out of their self-imposed isolation. Unfortunately, shame often stands in their way.

We will show you why nobody should be ashamed of using a rollator. And give valuable tips on how to overcome shame.

16.11.2022 Avoid lung diseases

We are all born with only one lung. Keeping them healthy and intact for as long as possible is an essential part of our future well-being. Today's World COPD Day sheds light on what we can do to promote lifelong lung health and how we can protect vulnerable populations.

27.09.2022 Bath safety handles make life easier

Sometimes it's the little things that can make life easier. We can help with simple aids, especially for the elderly and people who are restricted in their movement. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare bath safety handles are one of them. These not only contribute to security, but also offer freedom, independence and relief.


08.09.2022 NEW: Die VacuAide 7325 Suction unit


06.09.2022 Perfect bathing experience

After a stressful day, when your limbs are aching, your muscles tense and your head is pounding, you only want one thing...

15.08.2022 Bathing without limits?

This is guaranteed with our new BELLAVITA NOVA bath lift! 

We are very pleased to be able to present you our new BELLAVITA NOVA. This patented, portable bath lift combines the best of 30 years of experience. That's exactly how long we at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have been developing, producing and selling bath tub lifts from the Allgaeu to the whole world. Our latest star in the bathing sky is not only more practical, safer and more stable, but also opens up completely new possibilities for every enthusiast of extensive relaxation baths. See for yourself.