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Multiple Sclerosis - Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complex inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that affects both the brain and the spinal cord and typically occurs in early adulthood. The diversity of the disease makes it difficult to make general statements about its course, symptoms, and the effectiveness of treatment. Each patient experiences MS in an individual way, earning it the reputation of being the "disease with a thousand faces."

Insights and experiences with the Nitro Glide: revolution in orthopaedic rehabilitation

Our Product Manager for Mobility Aids, Manuel Haas, shares the history of the Nitro Glide in an interview and provides a firsthand experience after using the knee walker following his own surgery.
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Equipped with our scooter accessories, you're fully prepared for any journey

Electric scooters, also known simply as scooters, provide individuals with restricted mobility a significant degree of freedom. They are particularly suitable for longer distances that cannot be covered on foot, and they also facilitate everyday tasks such as shopping, visiting friends and family, or enjoying trips in nature.