NEU: AiO Duschstuhl auf schwarzem Hintergrund mit Wassertropfen

NEW: Our modular all-in-one shower chair AiO

Thanks to its modular click system, the All-in-One (AiO) shower chair is the ideal solution for individual needs. This shower chair will adapt to changes in your life and can be extended with additional components at any time, such as, for example, a high backrest or sturdy armrests. The AiO transforms in no time at all from a simple shower stool into a comfortable shower chair, which meets all your needs.
Woman in wheelchair with correct anti-decubitus seat cushion

How do I choose the right wheelchair seat cushion?

Selecting an appropriate seat cushion for a wheelchair can be crucial. The correct wheelchair seat cushion plays a pivotal role in the well-being and health of individuals dependent on wheelchairs. Here are some reasons why...
child in bathtub with bath lounger otter

Pediatric Aids for Children – Sitting, Standing, Lying Down

Children are an essential and vulnerable group in our society, especially those with limitations requiring special care. Pediatrics, also known as pediatric medicine, is a medical field specializing in the care, development, and treatment of children and adolescents. At Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, we are committed to supporting pediatrics to the best of our ability, providing aids to children with limitations that promote their mobility, joy of discovery, and development.