Avoid lung diseases

We are all born with only one lung. Keeping them healthy and intact for as long as possible is an essential part of our future well-being. Today's World COPD Day sheds light on what we can do to promote lifelong lung health and how we can protect vulnerable populations.

Our superlight Rollator NITRO SL

Our new NITRO SL shines not only with a chic design, low weight, but also with convenient extras and extensive standard equipment. It is the perfect companion for everyone who likes things super light and especially beautiful, but don't want to forego stability, comfort and durability. Meet our new member of the Drive DeVilbiss rollator family.

Bath safety handles make life easier

Sometimes it's the little things that can make life easier. We can help with simple aids, especially for the elderly and people who are restricted in their movement. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare bath safety handles are one of them. These not only contribute to security, but also offer freedom, independence and relief.