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Hikoneb 908 DC

Art. nr.: M000034

Designed for continuous use

The reliable Hikoneb 908 DC is a high performance, large volume ultrasonic nebuliser suitable for room humidification, sputum induction and highly effective aerosol therapy.

Designed with the patient and end user in mind, the Hikoneb 908 device is simple to use, and ideal for use in both clinical and care home environments.

  • Built in medication timer up to 90 Min.
  • Air-flow output with 4 adjustable settings
  • Adjustable nebulisation rate
  • Digital control panel, allows precise and easy operation
  • Heated tube option and 5-feet trolley included
  • Low water level audible alarm

Fully equipped with a heated tube, a 5-feet trolley, medical cups and all accessories, the Hikoneb 908 DC is ready for use, right out of the box.

Technische gegevens

Artikelnummer M000034
Totale breedte 22.6 cm
Totale lengte 10.8 cm
Totale hoogte 29 cm
Luchtstroom max. 19 l/min
Verstuiver 2,3 ml/min
Deeltjesgrootte MMAD < 4 µm
Bedrijfsspanning 230 V
Bedrijfsspanning 50 Hz
Ultrasone frequentie 1.7 Mhz
Gewicht 3 kg
Verpakkingseenheid 1 Stk.