10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator
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Oxygen concentrator 1025KS 10-liter

Item No. 1025KS

Stationary 10-liter oxygen concentrator

  • Stationary 10-liter oxygen concentrator
  • Oxygen concentration up to 96 % in the 2 - 10 l/min range
  • Integrated OSD® sensor for continuous oxygen concentration measurement
  • Visual and acoustic alarm for insufficient oxygen concentration, power failure, blocked oxygen outlet or device malfunction
  • Front label with generally understandable image symbols and LED lamps
  • Additional oxygen outlet on the rear side of the device; enables the use of all filling stations commonly available on the market in combination with an optional storage compartment
  • Oxygen outlet equipped with fire protection adapter
  • Multiple test runs completed successfully at very high temperatures and high humidity
  • Manufactured in the USA

Technical Data

Order number 1025KS
Overall width 34.2 cm
Overall height 62.2 cm
Overall depth 30.4 cm
Flow rate 2 - 10 l/min
Oxygen concentration 87% - 96%
Power Supply 50 Hz
Total weight 19 kg
PU Pal. 18 Pal.