Cube 30 ATV
(Pictures show accessories and special equipment, if applicable)

Cube 30 ATV ( Euro plug)

Item No. P001S001

Non-invasive ventilator

  • The device is characterized by its clear and functional design
  • In combination with the clear tile design, the large 4.3" color display guarantees an optimal overview and high user friendliness
  • Flow-based trigger with high sensitivity and additional trigger failure detection function
  • Modern target volume function, can be set based on both respiration and minute volume
  • Extensive alarm management including logging function, can be viewed on the device display
  • The Micronel turbine that is used guarantees high quality standards and a long and reliable service life
  • 6 optional and 5 pre-set alarms
  • Corresponding values are displayed with plain text information; possible misadjustment is indicated in this way
  • Different tile colors indicate the operating mode to the user. Besides the clinical menu (blue), two settings are available for the patient (green and magenta)
  • Two independently adjustable ventilation settings enable e.g. the patient's different daytime and nighttime needs to be met
  • The innovative mask test provides reliable assistance for optimal mask adjustment. This is supplemented by the indication of the current leakage value

Technical Data

Order number P001S001
Overall width 16,8 cm
Overall height 10,8 cm
Druckbereich max. 30 hPa cm/H2O
Total weight 1.6 kg
PU Pal. 52 Pal.