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Is self-determination particularly important to you? Do you want to be able to move around everywhere effortlessly? With Drive DeVilbiss electric scooters that is possible, easily.
Physical restrictions should not stop you being active and participating in life. Our scooters will support your independence and combine well thought-out functionality with a health aid.

Where daily life is often tiring, in many cases there is little lightheartedness and fun. This is precisely where our scooters offer completely new perspectives. Create exceptional moments which will always be remembered and start every day afresh at full throttle. Drive DeVilbiss scooters give you the freedom to move around, regardless of time and space.


In our wide range of scooters we offer a variety of different designs and finishes. From small, agile scooters, through to the classic allrounders right up to large, powerful electric scooters, we have everything on offer in our product portfolio.

Which scooter will suit you and your requirements best? Why not find out now!

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The future is electric

Sustainability and protecting the environment are no longer side issues and affect us all. As a result, every individual tries to make a contribution to climate protection. In particular, vehicles are among the main causes of air pollution and emissions, which damage the environment. Nevertheless there is a growing desire for a larger radius of movement in our society and the need to achieve this in an environmentally-friendly way.

The new trend is electric power. To protect our global resources and expand our efficiency, the whole world and Drive DeVilbiss too are increasingly counting on electric forms of transport. However, sustainability is not a trend for us, it is more of a mission that affects us all.

Electric scooters not only encourage greater flexibility, but are also a low-emission, environmentally-friendly form of transport.

With electric scooters from Drive DeVilbiss you reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality and contribute to climate protection. At the same time you can enjoy your newly-acquired, unlimited freedom to the full with a clear conscience.




Full power

Charging electric forms of transport is already widespread both nationally and internationally and is no longer a novelty in our daily life. But did you know that charging Drive DeVilbiss electric scooters is particularly easy and can be carried out on the move?

They can be charged using any standard household socket with the charging cable included with the delivery. This means you are soon ready for your next adventure.

The batteries in our scooters charge quickly and reliably and provide you with enough power for extended excursions and adventurous jaunts.

Drive DeVilbiss Scooter range


Scooters in the Freedom range are compact, transportable and versatile, for active individuals. Travelling with an electric scooter has never been easier. Simply take your scooter with you on your next journey.


FREEDOM Scooters



The models in the Allround range are highly versatile supporters, which will accompany you everywhere, regardless of place and time. You can use them in town and in the countryside and they can handle any ground and gradients, but also narrow streets.





Our Premium scooters will impress you with their adaptability, durability and striking elegance. With these scooters we offer the best in the field of electric mobility. With your scooter you can rely on our powerful electric vehicles.


STRONG Scooters

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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. Whatever concerns you have, we are here for you and will do our best to support our commercial partners. You can learn more here (dealer login required).


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