Suction cup grab bar Solido
(Pictures show accessories and special equipment, if applicable)

Suction cup grab bar Solido (Length 32.5 cm)

Item No. 660100100

Available in three different lengths

  • The mobile all-rounder for use at home or on the go
  • Makes it easier to hold on and stand up in the bathtub or shower
  • Versatile and quickly ready to use on all smooth surfaces
  • Vacuum rocker lever generates extra-strong suction with a tensile force of 70 kg
  • Available in three lengths: 32.5, 58, and 88 cm
  • Delivered as complete unit ready for use

Product Variants

Technical Data

Order number 660100100
Overall length 32,5 cm
10 cm
Wall clearance 3,5 cm
Total weight 600 g
Weight 600 g
Max. Load 70 kg
PU Pal. 240 Pal.
PU pc. 10 Stk.